How does financial aid work?

<p>Just wondering about this... so do they just write you a check and let you spend on your own? I want to get some more information and this and links would be nice. :)</p>

<p>Basically the government, whether state or federal, will give the money to UCLA, then UCLA will send you a bill of (your original bill - the money the gov sent you) = lowered costs for you. </p>

<p>So overall, gov sends money to school, school deducts it from your tuition, and sends the bill to your bar account</p>

<p>I dont really get this. What about my textbooks? I signed up for my classes during orientation and am I supposed to buy textbooks with my own money? I'm a bit confused here because MyFAO estimates include my textbook costs.</p>

<p>1) FAO disburses funds, tuition is automatically taken out of financial aid you are receiving.
2) If you have any leftover financial aid after your BAR account is paid off, the remainder of the money is deposited into your bank account (if using Bruin Direct) or sent as a check. You can then use this money to pay for housing, textbooks, etc.</p>

<p>Some things you pay for yourself with now, including whatever appears on your BAR account, housing, textbooks. You'll be reimbursed if you get enough financial aid left over after your tuition is paid</p>