How does housing work for continuing students?

<p>I signed up for the housing sign up on January 11th like I was supposed to, but I don't know what is supposed to happen next. I thought I was supposed to get an email telling me when I can select my housing with instructions, but I didn't and NOBODY seems to be able to tell me if I was supposed to. What is supposed to be happening next?</p>

<p>Just to reassure you, Twisted, my daughter has not heard anything yet, either. Housing site says you will choose rooms mid February - unless you are in a theme community which starts selection next week. I can only assume that you will get an email telling you your lottery nuimber and when you get to choose. The procedures have all changed this year, and they do not seem to be very clearly set out anywhere.</p>

<p>Here is the calendar <a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>That is good to know. I usually know about these things weeks in advance, not knowing the process makes me crazy. I may just have to show up at the housing office this week and refuse to leave without having the process clarified. It would be just like this school to never outline it clearly, screw it up, and then blame me for not knowing I needed to fix it.</p>

<p>Twisted, watch your mailbox every a.m. You will get a link sometime between today and about Feb. 16. Follow the link to do your signup/preference selections.
MCLs and theme residences will get the links before regular.
(FYI I had called housing on Friday to check this since my son is a little absent-minded at times and I wasn't sure he'd correctly filled in the first form...and with the pricing increase to make sure that where he'd be asking did not have the 12k "private bath" singles ; ) !
PS - Fredmar - share that with your D as well! How's she enjoying AD?</p>

<p>So, Kmc - is the timing of your email representative of your priority? In other words, if you get the email on Tuesday, do you get first choice over someone who gets it on Wednesday? And thus, if you don't respond immediately you have lost out on priority? Sounds like a lame system to me. Anyway, thanks for the help. Daughter loves UM in every way. How about your son?</p>

<p>Loves it too. Very busy but very stimulated. SOM is awesome. Fab profs & gsi's inspiring some nice work from him, plus he's pretty happy with the social scene as well. In all, everything he'd hoped (though much tougher music theory than he'd thought in his "magical thinking" about it all...he's had to really step up to the plate in a few areas and stretch himself, but that's the point, isn't it ; )
Re: order of receipt, the gent I spoke with did not say but did say to tell him to respond RIGHT AWAY and to check email regularly. So it may or may not be lame. Cheers to you and your D!</p>

<p>Your housing priority is determined first by how many completed semesters you have lived in housing, and second by a lottery within that group, from what I read. I really very desperately want one of those private bathroom singles and am willing to pay just about any price for it, I have been trying to get into Cambridge House since day one, but since I am a transfer student I am essentially a freshman and get to pick last. So we'll see how that works out. I really have no idea how to figure out what rooms are the ones I want or what information I need to select a particular room when I can register. This is obnoxious.</p>

<p>Twisted: My daughter got an email from housing giving her a two day window next week (Monday to Wednesday) when she can go online and select a room. It did not indicate any particular priority number, just said the time she can start accessing selection site. I guess you just log on and look for a room you want, and grab it before someone else does!</p>

<p>I still have nothing. This is agonizing. I hate not knowing things. And it doesn't help that, on top of being worried I signed up wrong, I get at least 20 emails a day so I am afraid I'll get it and miss it. When I was a finalist for Michigan Apprentice last semester I almost didn't get to interview because the email got lost in the rush.</p>

<p>Let's hope I hear soon before I tear my hair out. :P</p>

<p>Twisted, it's only theme housing signup this week I believe. You may not hear until 16th.</p>

<p>Yes, Twisted, nothing lost in terms of theme housing. By the time my D got to choose there was nothing left. Nothing. So much for theme housing. Another email round comes out for the regular housing soon. I would guess by the end of this week. The email comes from University Housing and simply tells a time when you will have access to the system to choose a room.</p>

<p>That is discouraging.</p>

<p>Not necessarily, she just had a bad lottery number. They are separate for theme and for regular.</p>

<p>Since she was selected for theme and there was no theme housing, does that mean she got to pick from regular early, or does she get bumped into the regular bracket's lottery and have to wait again? Hopefully she's more mellow about these things than I am. :P</p>

<p>I don't really know. She thinks she goes back into regular pool. I think that makes sense, but there is no real information on it.</p>

<p>I got an email today from Housing, informing me that all continuing students who are living on campus will get another email on Monday, which will tell us our selection time and date.</p>

<p>Yup I got that, too. I wish I knew where I wanted to live. If I can't get the single in cambridge, which I am 100% expecting will be the case, there isn't really anywhere in particular I want to live-- though I do know I want to stay as close to South U as possible and will sooner drop out than live with a roommate again. I am inclined to try someplace other than EQ, too, since that's where I live now and it's.. ehh, okay. I was thinking I'd try and get a single in South Quad first, then it's a tie between trying to get into north quad (probably not likely? and the location isn't quite what I want) or just staying in East Quad. I don't know. I hope I have some selection by the time I get to pick.</p>

<p>I hate to tell you this, TwistedxKiss, but the students who signed up for theme selection housing already took all the singles in North Quad and Stockwell. I'm also worried about not getting a single somewhere on Central.</p>

<p>Not too disappointed. Stockwell is too far away from where I want to be anyway and I am a junior, and I was iffy about North Quad anyway. </p>

<p>If I can't get a single somewhere on Central though I may actually have to consider commuting. I think my roommate situation is as good as it could possibly be and it is still damaging to my mental health. That would suck, I hated commuting the first two years.</p>

<p>Twisted, is there some reason you don't consider off campus housing? The central campus singles are so expensive, that you could likely find a small apartment for a similar price, but of course farther from campus. I lived in a one bedroom apartment on Packard past Stadium back in the day, and it was great. Had it all to myself. Of course it could be gone by now, but there must be similar things available. Hop on a bus to campus each day. It is just a different way to live. You sound more mature than the average resident of the dorms, maybe you'll like living a bit away.</p>