How does mailing work for the units?

<p>I will be living in unit 3, priestley hall, and I was wondering about how mailing works for the dorms. I ordered a verizon htc incredible, but that model of the phone is unfortunately out of stock at the moment, and it is estimated that more will be availabe for shipping after the 25th, so my phone could reach me after class starts. </p>

<p>What address should I have verizon ship it to? And after it is shipped, would i be able to know as to when it has reached berkeley, and where would i be able to pick it up? </p>


<p>Each unit has a mail room. For unit 3 the mail room is under cafe 3. Each room has a mailbox that you can open with the key to your room. You'll be sharing the mailbox with your roommate(s). If you get a package that doesn't fit in the mailbox, the people working in the mail room will stick a package slip inside your mailbox instead. You can take your package slip up to the desk to get your package.</p>

<p>Your address will be:</p>

<p>Your Name
2400 Durant Ave
Priestley #(your room number)
Berkeley, CA 94720 (the university has a different zip code than the city of Berkeley, which is 94704)</p>