HOw does middlebury compare to bowdoin?

<p>Im applying to both and Ive heard great things about both.
I know the brunswick area well because my family goes to portland, Me alot
and im really strongly considering bowdoin </p>

<p>but middlebury also sounds really great...</p>

<p>from what ive read it seems like 80% of the people applying to one are also applying to the other as i am</p>

<p>does anyone have any insight/opinions to offer?</p>

<p>PS: Im interested in Med school =D</p>

<p>This question has been brought up before. If you can ignore the Wellesley comments, here is a good link...
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<p>The biggest tangible difference is size. Midd has 2450 students compared to Bowdoin's 1600. One is near the ocean and the other is in the mountains. Midd is famous for Language, English and International Studies Programs. Bowdoin's gov and polisci departments garner lots of recognition. Both schools have very solid science programs. They are similar in terms of selectivity and their student bodies are virtually identical. I think Midd's campus is much nicer, but thats up for debate.</p>

<p>thanks guys :)</p>

<p>I've sometimes heard the comparison made this way:</p>

<p>Bowdoin is an old, stately Rolls Royce Silver Shadow. It's a bit tattered around the edges, the paint may be chipping off in places, and the engine is a bit worn from having driven illustrious figures for many, many miles throughout its history, but it's reliable, quietly prestigious, and a very safe, comfortable ride.</p>

<p>Middlebury is a new Bentley Continental. It's loud, fast, and covered in shiny chrome throughout. Its elegance is perhaps more overstated than the Rolls Royce. The driver is a bit showier and likes to have people notice him when he drives down the street.</p>

<p>Both are cars that most people would love to own. You need to test drive them both to see which you prefer...</p>

<p>thanks alot i like this comparion...very clever ^^</p>

<p>A lot of these comparisons seem pretty accurate from what I've seen. I have gotten the impression that Bowdoin was considered a little stronger in the sciences. I think 10-30 years ago that Bowdoin would have been considered somewhat better, but that the spread has since shrunk to the point that Middlebury may win consensus now. However, I have heard Midd referred to as "the home of the beautiful people". Either way, they're close enough to each other in reputational standing that it would be much better to choose based on individual fit. There may not be two more similar schools in the country except for the slight diffference in size.</p>

<p>I'll refrain from giving my somewhat biased opinions (I chose Midd over Bowdoin), but I do remember a link to information showing cross-admit choices (in other words, what percent of people admitted to two schools chose each one) and I remember seeing that Middlebury-Bowdoin cross-admits choose Middlebury more often now.</p>

I'm applying to Midd ED. If that doesn't work out, Bowdoin's my 2nd choice. Like you, I also am extremely familiar with Bowdoin, as I live 30 minutes away. And hey, I'm a science person, too! Lots of people have asked me "why Midd?" when I tell them that I am planning on majoring in bio with a hope of med school later. In truth, Midd has a fabulous science program and amazing facilities, but the reputation says that its best subjects are English and foreign languages. I chose Midd over Bowdoin because it appealed to my love for creative writing and Spanish (although biology will be my major). And I would love to study abroad in college. If you are not interested in studying literature or another language in college and you don't feel the need to go abroad, I'd say Bowdoin's for you.</p>

<p>Other aspects I'd consider: Bowdoin's known for having one of the best Outing Clubs ever. But then again, Midd has its own private ski mountain. Bowdoin also has its Coastal Studies Center if you're into marine science. I think both schools have amazing food and facilities, although I was more impressed with Midd's campus. Bowdoin's new (freshman!) dorms are huge, though.</p>

<p>ooh nice i checked out the frosh dorms theyre NIIIICE</p>

<p>ive never gone to mid tho
so if i dont get into my ED then ill have to go take a look</p>