How does MIT view the IB students?

<p>Hello Everyone :)
How does MIT view the students in the IB program? Looking at the 2017 class thread it looks like most of the admits took the AP. I'm a little worried because my school only offers the IB, and I do not want to be at a disadvantage because of this!
Thanks :)</p>

<p>There will be no disadvantage. MIT knows what your school has offered. If there are no APs, then you are not expected to take APs.</p>


That’s because most MIT admits are Americans, and most American high schools offer an AP curriculum rather than an IB curriculum. It’s not because AP students are preferentially selected over IB students.</p>

<p>The key here is that MIT, like most competitive schools, is looking at the CHOICES that each student has made about their education. For example, does the student choose to take the most challenging classes offered by their secondary school or coast a little bit. That is a student’s option. However, what curriculum is offered by your school is rarely a choice you have (though I do know of two schools who give students a choice of the IB or A-Levels), and as such is of little or no concern to MIT.</p>