How does my CC schedule look?

<p>I'm attending Ohlone College during the fall as a freshmen and these are the classes I signed up for:</p>

<p>Principles of Microecon
Introduction to Business
Eng 101A Reading & Written Composition
Calculus for Business & Social Sciences(Switching into Precal once I finish Trig over the summer).</p>

<p>For Spring it'll probably look something like this:</p>

<p>Principles of Macroecon
Calc 101A
Eng101B or C
Some other course that will satisfy prereq's, whatever they are. </p>

<p>Any suggestions on changes I should make, if any? I'm going for USC, Santa Clara and a couple UC's.</p>

<p>I know you care about your future and all but this board can't help you with your question. Go ask your college's counselor.</p>

<p>listen to a counselor? never. always get your own info.
OP, looks good (fremont, represent!) but remember, don't overload yourself. I tried a similar schedule (eng, calc, econ, span for 2 straight quarters, in their respective sequences) and it was a fairly large amount of work. try to picture what you will be able to handle. good luck! </p>

<p>however, i would recommend getting english out of the way, bc to my knowledge it's recommended to have eng & math requirements out of the way asap. and plus reading books/analyzing bs for english is good to get over with soon.</p>