How does Olin's candidate's weekend work?

Hi! I’m a high school senior attending Olin’s Candidate Weekend 2018. I’m coming from California, so transportation is an issue…I have absolutely no clue how any of it works… some questions that I’m wondering are:

How do I travel from the airport to Olin, assuming that I am traveling all by myself? Is there a shuttle system specifically for the event?
Do people come to Olin all by themselves for Candidate’s Weekend?
Do we sleep at dorm rooms at Olin College, or will I have to book a hotel near the college?
How do we leave the college?

And… (less important, but still important questions)
What is the experience like?
What is the interview like?
What is the group activity like?

@hamiltrash300 Did you check your Olin account? When my kids were invited all the logistical questions were answered in there. It’s been a few years, so things might be different but I can’t believe that you’d get invited without answers to those basic questions.

In our day you needed to get a hotel room. If you were traveling alone you needed to stay at the Babson conference center. Some candidates definitely come without parents. We drove so I don’t know about to and from the airport. Hopefully someone else will chime in and tell you where to look for info.

Regarding what the weekend is like, you’ll just have to wait and see. It’s like nothing you’ve ever experienced. As a parent, I’ve attended 3. Two with candidates and 1 as a volunteer. I can tell you that every CW that I attend makes me love Olin more. My best advice is to relax, be yourself, and really enjoy the experience. You are already an academically strong candidate. This is a chance for both sides to check each other out and see if you for together well.

I can’t wait to hear how it went.

Was the stay at the Babson conference center free? And thank you so much!! Btw they probably will send the invitees information later, but I’m just an impatient person who wants info sooner LOL

My daughter attended by herself in 2016. They were flexible with the weekend, as she had to buy tickets to fly in. I think we paid for her night at Babson. She arranged her own transportation from the airport, as public transportation does not go to Needham. I recall that they sent us some money to defray the costs afterwards. She had a great weekend and met people that she has remained friends with, even though she didn’t end up attending Olin.

@hamiltrash300 The stay is not free. Like I said, my experience was years ago, but back then, they reimbursed you up to a set amount depending on how many miles you traveled. You did need to fill out the form. I would email then today if you don’t have the information you need to book your trip. I can’t help but think you’re missing a piece of the puzzle. These arrangements need to be made ASAP. Best of luck!

There is a box in your application portal on the right side that says candidates portal. If you click in there then everything is there. Hope that helps!

Thank you for all the replies! One more question–if you are booking a hotel for yourself (but you are a minor) do you book under your parent’s name or yours?

Hi! I went just last year with my son and am coming again this year as a volunteer.
This is what you need to know…
There are 3 candidates weekends and when you are invited, it will tell you which one you should attend. You must stay at the Babson conference center if traveling alone. Olin will arrange it for you as you will have a roommate in the hotel. The stay is not free but Olin will help you a little to offset costs. You should send the filled form accepting g the invite and book your flight asap as the prices get higher the closer you are to the date.
The weekend is actually a Friday and a Saturday. If coming from California (we are from the SF Bay Area) and you want to minimize the cost, take the red eye on Thursday night to get to Boston on Friday morning and book the return ticket for the last flight leaving Saturday night.
I must add that as a mom, I found attending g the weekend extremely valuable. While the kids are doing different activities the parents listen to different presentations from professors, staff, current students and alumni. I learned so much and yes, I fell in love with Olin as did my son.
As far as the schedule, Friday is informational and fun. You get a ton of I do, you visit different classrooms where professors are ready to answer questions and tell stories, you get treated to a wonderful performance by Olin’s orchestra, tour the campus, have dinner in specific groups with other candidates and current students, and finish the night with different options like visiting the dorms and hanging out with students.the whole day is designed to be informative but also low key and informal.
Saturday is when you have a group project, your personal interview and a group discussion. This is the day when you need to evaluate if Olin is for you and when they will try to evaluate if it is a good fit or not.
There is no way to prepare for the weekend. Just be yourself, have an open mind and enjoy the experience.
Good luck!!! If you have more questions, ask away.