How does OU respond to a poor freshmen year and a strong junior year?

I got a 3.3W freshman year (only took 2 honors). Last year I took 2 honors (no AP’s offered) and go a 3.65W. This year so far I am holding at a 3.9W with 2 Honors and 2 AP’s considered to be “Average” amount of AP’s within the top 50% at our schol.

Would OU likely not take me because what would be my 3.67W GPA (not including any grades senior year) or because of my strong softmore year and junior year consider me a 3.75 student?

Honestly, OU has an 80% acceptance rate…I think you’ll be okay. (You’ll probably get in, if your scores are at least a 25-26 on the ACT)

Yep. You should be fine.

I had a 3.0 in high school. I took maybe two AP classes and a few honors classes the entire time I was there. My ACT score probably helped me a bit but even then it wasn’t anything to write home about. I got in without any trouble and I’m about to graduate this coming May. High school guidance counselors make getting into (non Ivy League) colleges seem A LOT harder than it actually is. Just don’t make like a 20 on the ACT and you’ll be golden.