How does princeton know you're a legacy?

<p>So how does princeton know you're a legacy? On their supplement, they do not it on the common app?</p>

<p>Yeah. It’s on the Common App. I guess they would know by what college and what degrees you put down for your parents (under the Family section).</p>

<p>Do colleges beside Princeton (i.e. Harvard, MIT, etc…) care if your parents went to Princeton? Do you think it would hurt you?</p>

<p>GreedIsGood, I don’t think they’d care that your parents went to Princeton specifically, although it may matter whether your family has a tradition of sending people to college. (“First generation” can be a hook, no?). Harvard is certainly not gonna be like, “God No! No Princetonian-child <voice of=”" disgust=“”> shall cross into Cambridge on our account!"… ;)</voice></p>