How does registration work?

<p>My son will be a freshman at Pomona this fall. The new students do not meet with their advisers until Sat. August 28, and classes begin on Tues Aug. 31. I assume they will be registering for courses either at the adviser meeting or shortly thereafter.</p>

<p>We were hoping to be able to buy some of S's books online and perhaps save a bit of money doing so, but it appears there will not be time to do this. </p>

<p>Can any current students (I'm thinking of you, lolcats :) ) lend some insight on how the registration system works? Do students register significantly earlier in later semesters, which may give us the opportunity to buy books online?</p>

<p>Thanks! And BTW, we are all thrilled that our son will have the amazing opportunity to attend Pomona!!</p>

<p>You are correct on both counts. Freshman register just a few days before classes begin, so if you bought the books online, your son would probably have to borrow books until his arrived. I think this is doable, but not optimal. All students register for the spring semester near the end of the fall semester, and returning students register for the fall semester near the end of the spring semester. So after the first semester you will have plenty of time to order books online.</p>

<p>Your S may also be able to purchase used textbooks at the bookstore (but quantities can be limited).</p>

<p>I bought the majority of my textbooks online. Usually the case is that I borrow someone else's textbook or the teacher is reasonable and doesn't make you have a textbook until a little later in the semester. DO NOT BUY FROM THE 5C CAMPUS BOOKSTORE UNLESS ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY! Usually they sell the books way overpriced. There is also a website where students put up their used textbooks and you can buy it from the student on campus, although I was never able to have success with this system.</p>

<p>Actually, Anon91 is correct. D used the online system to sell her textbooks and purchase ones she needed b/c she said the bookstore's prices were too much.</p>

<p>Thank you for your responses. We will definitely look into the used book website, at least after first semester.</p>

<p>We have an Amazon prime account so second day shipping is free(3.99 next day). Great deal for all kinds of things he has needed. His first semester got the classes ordered the books and they were there before classes started and at quite a savings. Now that he knows his classes he has many more options. He has rented books, ordered online with a guaranteed buy back, and even got books on campus when they had the best price he could find. If you haven't purchased textbooks in a while the 180 dollar textbook will come as quite a shock.</p>

<p>I was just looking at this last night and if you go to the bookstore webpage there is this link for book rentals:</p>

<p><a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>But also there is this site:
Connection</a> 47</p>

<p>"The new Connection47 website is designed to facilitate the exchange of textbooks among students from the Claremont Colleges. It features significant improvements such as:</p>

<p>♦ All Pomona students are pre-registered for the site. Just use your normal Pomona login id and password
♦ Improved posting/searching of textbooks
♦ Price comparisons with
♦ Paypal functionality "</p>

<p>Hope that helps</p>