How does Rice feel about Civil Disobedience?

<p>Could you get kicked out if you get arrested for a cause you believe in because, say, you decided to chain yourself to a tree or something?
It sounds like a weird example, but I really support people who stand up for what they believe in!</p>

<p>Also, really random but if I'm not an athlete at Rice, is it true that there's an indoor pool for non-athletes and an outdoor pool for athletes?</p>

<p>Those who break the law simply to express their opinions, which most certainly can be done without breaking the law, are subject to punishment in every university.</p>

<p>Visit the rec center website. You are allowed to use both outdoor pools. Pool</a> FAQs - Rice University Recreation Center and Campus Recreation. I'm not sure if the pool at the old gym is still open... The new rec center is just lovely, btw - and you can take a virtual tour at this website. Rice</a> University Recreation Center and Campus Rec</p>

<p>Their all for it as long as:</p>

<p>a) protesting is off campus
b) you miss no class time for said protest
c) no Rice swag is worn during said protest
d) if arrested, you say you attend U of H</p>

<p>Calciumrich - so far you have a response from a high school senior, me (old lady, but have had 6 years of kids at Rice so far) and a dad, who I don't believe is affiliated with Rice in any way. But hang in there, some student will chime in soon! ;)</p>