How does Santa Clara treat Older Students?

<p>I'm interested in going back to school for an engineering degree. SCU has a great school of engineering. Only reservation is I'm in my early 40's. I've been teaching for 15 years and want something more rewarding. If I go back to SCU will I be totally out of place or accepted?</p>

<p>Sorry burned, SCU is an established traditional university in the sense that 99.9% of the students there are away from home for the first time and not really used to exhibiting independence or much real world grown up responsibility and therefore will not be able to relate to you. Imagine 19-21 y/o student: "Hey man/lady, you wanna go throw some frisbee after this class and maybe catch that little concert show downtown after? Maybe we can catch some drinks with a few others after?" and you're like "Sorry, I have to go home and help cook dinner for the kids and balance my checkbook to make sure my mortgage/rent and utilities are paid." Student, after he gives a funny look, "Oh, bummer." Unfortunately most traditional unis are like that and you'll just have to deal with it if you choose to go that route. Really the only place I see older students working well with the rest of the student body is like at a community college. Most of the student will live on campus or near it and unless you do the same there will be even less opportunity to connect with your classmates.</p>

<p>However, most professors, especially at SCU, are pretty understanding and accepting of all backgrounds of their students so you shouldn't lose out on a relationship with them, which is important.</p>

<p>Do you have a family to attend to and other adult commitments?</p>

<p>So to answer your question: Yes, you will be accepted in the sense that most of the students will view you as "Oh, there's the old guy/gal of the class that doesn't ever hang out with us because they are twice our age so we don't really take much care about his/her life."</p>

<p>I have met two adult students at SCU going for their BA/BS. For the most part, an older student isn't really cause for any excitement or alarm--the students were friendly toward the older students, worked just fine in group projects with the older students, etc.</p>

<p>SCU is all about accepting diversity...age is another form of diversity. If SCU is an academic fit for you, go for it, and don't worry about the rest--it will all fall in place.</p>

<p>Thanks so much! That is really encouraging.</p>