How does study abroad at Emory work?

<p>Emory is one of my top schools and I have been researching all the study abroad opportunities. I am particularly interested in the study abroad options at the London School of Economics, but I am wondering what the estimated costs are for this. I know that at some private schools you can study abroad at little to no additional cost as your usual payments to the college cover the cost of attending a school abroad. How does this work at Emory? I know that you can't give me a definite answer as it depends on the program, school, number of classes, etc, but does anyone have any experience or information on the subject? thanks for the help!</p>

<p>I don't know about the cost, but I can tell you that financial aid at Emory supports our study abroad programs. If you qualify for scholarships and grants to study domestically then you can use them to study abroad. </p>

<p>Here is the CIPA website which handles Emory's study aborad programs. Hopefully it can provide you with additional information.</p>

<p>Study</a> Abroad at Emory University with CIPA</p>

<p>There are three ways to study abroad:
Through an Emory Program, which costs the same and provides the same financial aid as Emory.
Through an Emory recognized program, meaning that Emory agrees to take your foreign credits. Note for the LSE program you need to apply to, and be admitted by, LSE for your year abroad. The Emory CIPA website has the details.
Through some other way. It's a bit of crap shoot unless you do the work in advance to nail everything down before you go.</p>

<p>For most programs -- there are probably exceptions -- Emory applies the financial aid that you would receive for a semester actually attending Emory to whatever study abroad program you may choose. Cost of studying abroad is generally comparable to studying on main campus.</p>