How does super scoring work with ACT for colleges?

now that the ACT offers super scoring - do you think the colleges will look at these for admissions?

also, i’m assuming superscores will result in higher ACT scores. Will this make merit more competitive? Do you think colleges will say if they accept or don’t accept super scores for merit?

trying to figure this all out for our last kid D23. haven’t been on college sites yet for her, but am curious on what others are seeing in regards to super scores.

Each school has their own guidelines to what they will /will not except. Go to like 3 of your choices and check it out. That should answer your questions.

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Many schools already allowed students to superscore the ACT. The only difference now is that the ACT provides a handy dandy report showing the highest sub-scores from different test dates. I don’t think this will change any current practices.

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Colleges have long superscored. There is no change. It’s another ploy…in this case to show higher scores. The list may not be 100% up to date but here’s a guide.

You may be seeing that the ACT announced they will allow kids to take just one section so they can focus on their lowest area to boost their score.

Forgetting that, most colleges already superscored and other than most are now TO nothing has really changed.

thanks, tsbna44. that was a helpful chart!

ACT “doing superscoring” means nothing more than adding up the highest four numbers across scores, dividing it by four, and putting it on a report.

It’s nothing that anyone couldn’t do in the past. Schools that superscore ACT did the simple math. Schools that didn’t superscore chose not to - it wasn’t because elementary math was beyond their grasp.

Printing the number will make no difference in the admissions process, IMO. (Frankly, they should be embarrassed that they’re announcing this as something meaningful).

I don’t think this is an accurate assumption.