How does the GI Bill affect my Financial Aid Grants?

Good day fellas, looking for some clarification as to how I can get the most lucrative deal out of my post 9/11 GI Bill and Financial Aid.

UCLA Estimated Cost of Attendance: 34,191
BAH: 2,550
Grants/Scholarship(University Grant, Pell Grant, Cal Grant A, UShip Grant): 23,163
Waiting to see if I get Regents Scholarship, which gives 2,000 merit aid and remaining cost of attendance

So who pays who first? If I choose to use my GI Bill, how much of the grants will get cut? Is tuition the only thing they slash from estimated cost of attendance or do they factor in room and board? Wanted to know how much goes directly to me when comparing Situation A (Regents with no GI Bill) to situation B (Regents with GI Bill).

GI Bill is last payer for tuition and fees. They would pay whatever balance remained and you would get the BAH portion. That is paid directly to you each month, so you may have to pay part of the room/board before getting that money.

It may be in your best interest to save your GI benefits for grad school. Another student I know did this…got huge merit for undergrad, so is using GI Bill for law school

Grants/Scholarship(University Grant, Pell Grant, Cal Grant A, UShip Grant): 23,163



Cal Grant pays for tuition.

Call the school financial aid office and ask them if you can use both university merit AND GI Bill benefits. Most schools do not allow for this- specifically DUKE VANDERBILT I know of first hand. Don’t assume anything.

My university didn’t give any aid since I was eligible for the GI Bill. I would be surprised if others would.

I’m on the same boat with you man.I know GI bill is the last payer for tuition and fees which cal grant A will use first to pay for the tuition and im not sure abt the rest of the grant.Whatever remain balance, will be paid by 9/11 gi. But u get the full pell grants thou.

@cap You’re comment about the GI Bill being the “last payer for tuition and fees” seems to be correct from my experience.

The colleges I applied and were accepted to all utilized the GI Bill last towards tuition fees