how does the wording/question type of the SAT biology test compare to Barron's and Princetons?

I have the bio SAT subject test in 2 weeks and I am doing ok in my preparation so far. I have recieved the following scores on my practice tests:

Barrons: 730, 690
Barrons digital tests: 750, 760
Princeton: 720, 760

I know these are pretty solid scores and I have read enough threads to know that the actual test is easier than many of the practice test, but in what way? For Princeton many of my mistakes were due to confusion over what a question is asking (personally I find Princeton’s questions to be badly worded), when the actual material is easy. I actually preferred the Barron’s question because I found them more straightforward and I have no problem memorising every unnecessary details barrons provide.

If you have taken the test before, can you tell me how the question wording of the actual test compares to Barrons and Princeton?

Also, does my current scores look promising to score a 760+ on the real test if I still have 2 weeks left?

The PR tests are slightly closer to the actual test difficulty-wise. Looking at your scores, I think you’ll get 700+ as long as you keep on preparing for the next 2 weeks.

^This but Barron’s is much, much better content-wise than Princeton----it covers certain topics that were tested on the official practice tests that aren’t in PR.

Have you been taking both the Ecology and Molecular Biology sections while taking the test? If so, I’d recommend choosing the one that you’re consistently doing better on to take on test day.