how does this EC look?

<p>I have been a congressional intern for the last few years for a very high ranking congressperson, and i was wonderin how well this would figure into a college transcript to an elite school. any input would be great. thanks</p>

<p>There is no ranking, as far as I know, of what ECs colleges like best and which they like least. People are unique, and that's what makes colleges so cool (especially the elite ones) - people have highly varied backgrounds and unique passions. Don't try to play the game and worry "what colleges want most" because I don't think there's any such thing.</p>

<p>Instead, focus on developing you because that's most important and that's what you have control over. Work hard in school, and find extracurriculars (this EC included) that you are truly passionate about and have learned something from. Colleges want to know WHO you are, not just what you did.</p>

<p>By the way... your EC that you mentioned may stand out, but the most important part is to commit to it (2 years+) and show in your essays that you learned something from it, or that you really enjoyed it for some reason. Colleges will know through your essays if you are just doing activities to look good or if you were actually passionate about them.</p>

<p>i'm impressed...that EC is hard to come by..</p>