how does this look?

<p>i just got my sat II italian score, 650, not very happy, trying to apply to ivys, and it was 40th percentile! really hard curve... but i took it independent, once a week with a tutor for an hour and did a 4 week immerian course, is basically all the training ive had, is that good a good score considering the circumstance?</p>

<p>unless you have 3 other good SATII, I suggest a retake for the Ivies. Though it's excellent for self-study, you have to consider that a majority of the applicants to those schools will have higher scores. However, it will not definitively keep you out of the schools either. I think it's awesome that you did so well considering that it was not a course for you.</p>

<p>one question..
do you think percentiles are more impt than the scores?
i've got a 90th and 81st percentile with a 760 and a 770 respectively.
are these percentiles good enough for ivies or should i just give any one of them another shot since i'm planning of retaking writing anyways.</p>

<p>thanks thanks guys!!!</p>

<p>I think both of those are very good scores. there's no need to retake unless it really bothers you.</p>

<p>then how would the universitities look at my scores?
would they just just choose the top 3 themsemles or must i indicate anywhere which 3 (if that's possible).
lousy scores would still show right?</p>

<p>Yeah, how does that work for me? I got 790 Writing, 780 Biology-E, 770 US History, 670 World History, and 640 Literature. Harvard, et al require three SAT II tests. Will they consider my 670 and 640 in their admissions decision?</p>

<p>same problem... anyone?</p>

<p>Technically, they should only take your top three into consideration. Unless they specify that there must be a score in a certain subject (like Stanford or MIT), the actual tests are irrelevant, only the scores count.</p>

<p>How long have you studied italian? If it's only been for a year or so, then make sure that colleges know this, because then they won't be so harsh when considering your score. (That's just what I'm hoping cuz my spanish score is 680, not much better)</p>

<p>It really doesn't matter because other students applying will have 3 SAT scores that are above 700. They may not be as harsh when considering the Italian, but they will still expect three other solid scores. For some colleges, they only see numbers, not subjects.</p>

<p>So how do you think a 680 on the Spanish seem to colleges when I've only taken 2 years of spanish? I know that others have higher scores, but that's because they are in AP classes or at least in Honors, while I'm in standard, and yet still manage a score that would get me out of spanish 4 at the colleges. Those other students should be expected to get higher scores than me, but someone with 2 years of spanish would probably only be expected to get barely above 500. Schools wouldn't find that impressive at all?</p>

<p>so let me get this straight; colleges know which level of preparation you have? how?</p>

<p>They get transcripts...</p>

<p>are we still talking about schools like hyp and stanford? because they would expect you to have more than just 2 years of spanish and thus to have taken the sat spanish, there will be people out there who have only taken two years of spanish and gotten 700+. remember you are being compared to ALL the applicants...many colleges don't even look at the subjects...they just use the scores to compute a number that they use for admission.</p>

<p>Yes I realize that there will be others who have only taken 2 years of Spanish and have gotten higher than 700 (although I am still in the 700 range), but there probably aren't many of those, right? And those that do exist, are probably from top public schools or boarding schools, or could afford a tutor and immersion programs, and not kids from a hick town in NC. I do realize though that it isn't that great of a score and it won't even show up on my transcript because my other 2 are higher and writing is required at my schools, but I still intend on mentioning it in the "extra information" section. So would you think that a bad idea?</p>