How does this process work if your child transfers to a new school for senior year?

<p>My D is entertaining transferring from her current HS (where she is top 10%) to the Interlochen Arts Academy for her senior year. What happens with recommendations, GPA, class rank, etc on apps if she decides to do this? Do they come from the old school or the new? I know there are other kids who have done this, anyone out there with experience?</p>

<p>Yes- ask away. D went to Interlochen as a junior (and graduated from there), but I know how the whole process works, since we know lots of kids who entered as seniors. If your D is planning to be a performance major, Interlochen will be a MAJOR plus, and I can not tell you what an awesome experience it will be for her to be there for her senior year. It IS a little harder to go in as a senior, since you have to quickly jump into the application process. They are excellent at helping, though. Some of her recs will probably come from junior year teachers, but the Interlochen faculty gets to know the kids really quckly, and by October she will have formed some strong bonds. Feel free to PM me with any questions.</p>

<p>I'd love to PM you if you don't mind.</p>