How does UCSC stack up?

<p>I will be attending UCSC in the fall and I would just like to know if UCSC is a honorable school. I know it is one of the lower tier UCs but is it still a good school? Will the degree that I recieve from the school be worth a lot? I am going to major in Business Management Economics and I would like to know if employers will be willing to hire a graduate from UCSC with that degree? Please anyone who has good things to say about the reputation of UCSC please reply. Thank you.</p>

<p>if you worry about it too much, just transfer to another better UC after two years.</p>

<p>My friends from 84 and 85 are all doing well in a variety of fields from CEO of a non-profit to college prof to stay at home mom of two/ veterinary technician. Most of us went on to some form of post-grad or professional school. UCSC has grown in prestige since the 80s so I wouldn't worry about it at all unless you get there and are dissatisfied.</p>

<p>Well, during my stay there on the tour I managed to meet the head of the Career Center there and she did say that there are lots of programs for business students, my favorite one she talked about was an internship opportunity for students to go intern on Wall Street. </p>

<p>Know cambosoup, that in our generation its not about where you go or what you know, but its about who you know.... although it helps a little to know some things...</p>

<p>^ An internship at Wallstreet would be freaking sick! I always had a dream of working on wall street, living the high life. I tend to think only the best of the best get hooked up with jobs there, and you need to work your butt off. I have heard you're looking at 40 hours a week for the first couple years for some jobs like Investment banking.</p>