How does UGA calculate applicants GPA

<p>I believe they exclude electives.. is that correct? What happens to AP courses that are electives?</p>

<p>Also, do they count the grades earned in middle school for foreign language?</p>


<p>The courses included in the calculation are social studies, English, science, math, foreign language, and any elective AP courses. UGA gives a 4 for an A, a 3 for a B, 2 for a C., and a 1 for a D. Honors classes don't receive any weight, but UGA adds .5 points to each AP class.</p>

<p>I guess you would count the middle school foreign lanuage classes if they were for high school credit and show up on the high school transcript.</p>

<p>If you took a forensics ,science, class that was an elective does that count?</p>

<p>They would probably count that as a science, so it would count.</p>