How does UM differ from UA

<p>I was narrowing down my options to University of Miami & University of Arizona, however, Im not sure which one would benefit me the most in the future? And if both has a diversity of people and good education? The prices and safety in both universities? I want to major in civil engineering..</p>

<p>UM is a private school, so parts of the experience will be more comfortable for you as a student.
No specific university will, on its own, “benefit” you. It’ll depend on what you do. Both are good colleges, with UM stronger academically especially in terms of the average student’s level. UA will have greater socio-economic diversity than UM, UM will have more geographic diversity.</p>

<p>UA is a public ivy, it offers exceptional education for a great price seeing as it is not a private school. I was also deciding between these two schools, and I am happy I chose Arizona. The diversity on campus and in Tucson is wonderful, much better than you would find in Florida, and it is obviously cheaper. I am in engineering and our civil program is decent, but I would look at the two rankings at UM and UA to compare for yourself. Safety on and around campus at UA is fine, just don’t go sticking your nose in south Tucson at night by yourself and you will never have any problems. Campus is beautiful, it is a great place to go to school, hope you choose zona!</p>

<p>an6rew: UA is not a “public Ivy” in the general sense, although I believe a book once listed it as such about 20 years ago. It’s the state flagship and it’s a mid-level public university. However it’s not comparable to universities typically considered “Public Ivies”, ie., UC Berkeley, UCLA, UMichigan, UNC-CH, UVA.
I agree that Tucson is great, the campus is very nice, weather is excellent from October to April, and if one prefers dry heat to tropical weather then it’s better than Miami.
As for the price, it’d depend on cost <em>to OP</em> , depending on scholarship offers, out-of-state tuition rebates, etc.
OP: can you give us (tuition+ R&B) - (grants+scholarships) = ?
What’s your parents’ budget?</p>

<p>@MYOS1634 Multiple sources have listed UA as a public ivy in the recent years, most recently including ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■ saying “The University of Arizona is also considered to be one of the nation’s ‘Public ivies’ providing students with a high caliber education, at a public university price.” Even though the admittance rate is high, that just means it is one of the most accessible high quality universities in the country. The UA ranks No. 50 in the world and No. 37 nationally according to the Center for University World Rankings. It consistently ranks best in the country or top 5 in various different fields of study and research. I know the general public opinion is that it is merely a mid-level university, but I am trying to spread some of the respect that it deserves! Sorry for the rant! </p>