How does Umich fair with UVA and UNC

<p>Hey guys,
I know that I want to go into business in college and I know UNC UVA and Umich all have great business programs. However, my dad works in investing in NYC and sees graduates from colleges everyday, but he says the graduates go like this: #1 UVA, #2 Umich, and #3 UNC. Would yoou guys agree with these stats? I plan on going to Ross if I get denied from UVA. But would you guys choose Umich over UNC (don't play favoirtes ;o). I just visited UNC and I know their business school is ranked well however my dad says he sees few UNC grads in the business world but many Umich grads. If I went to Umich over UNC I would have to pay 10k a year (parents will pay rest) but is it worth paying for Umich (I will have to pay nothing at UNC)?</p>

<p>Basically, is Ross that much better that in the long run it will get me a better job than attending UNC business school?</p>

<p>For business Ross is definitely ahead of UVA and UNC. Alexandre will come soon and give you all the technicals on why I’m right, so I won’t back my argument up with anything for now.</p>

<p>Michigan’s may be better, but if you pay nothing at UNC, go to UNC. It is still an awesome program.</p>

<p>I wouldn’t say Ross is better than McIntire until you can compare the placement/recruitment. But if UNC is free, go there.</p>

<p>Ross and McIntire are about equal with a slight nudge to Ross. Both McIntire and Ross are better than UNC. All three are great schools but the better choices are Michigan and Virginia. From there it really depends on where you want to spend the next 4 years of your life.</p>

<p>go to unc, especially if its free, im prett sure all are in the top 10 business schools</p>

<p>UNC’s placement may be “hurt” a bit because there are so many good jobs in NC, you don’t have to move to NY or Chicago for a good job. The pay might be less but the COL and lifestyle can be much more attractive.</p>

<p>^^That’s an excellent point Barron’s and one that often doesn’t surface.</p>

<p>pretty much just like everyone before me said, Ross is better, but in your case, UNC is free, so that’d be a smarter choice</p>

<p>Wheres Alexandre?</p>

<p>Anyways, Ross is definitely better and if your parents will foot the bill for you, I would go to Ross since its better… but If i had to pay 40 grand more for Ross, I would go to UNC.</p>

<p>For me UofM > UNC = UVA for business</p>

<p>“For me UofM > UNC = UVA for business”</p>

<p>I’d say academically, for the vast majority of comparable disciplines at all three, the same as the above. If you want to change your major, then Michigan is really superior overall to the other two schools.</p>

<p>Ross and McIntire are elite, with a slight edge going to Ross. Kenan Flagler is only slightly weaker. </p>

<p>One cannot go wrong with any of those three programs.</p>

<p>Is UNC free to you and your parents or just free for your portion? What is the out-of-pocket for UVA? </p>

<p>It makes a difference if the total 4-year cost of UNC is $0 vs Michigan at $200,000 vs UVA at $???. If your parents are budgeting the same number per year and you have to make up the difference, that also changes the picture.</p>

<p>Allowing for marginal differences among certain disciplines I’d say UM ~= UVA with UNC a notch below. East Coast through Chicago, UVA and Michigan are going to be bigger presences than UNC. In North Carolina through Atlanta I’d guess UNC would have the upper hand in the workplace.</p>