How does Validation for cal states work.

So I failed the first semester of Trig with a D but I got a B second semester and I am confused on how the cal state validation works? How do I enter it in?

A passing grade of C or higher 2nd semester validates the D from 1st semester however unless you repeated the first semester, the D will be calculated into your CSU GPA if you took the course 10-11th grade.

If you check the Cal State Apply Entry Guide, this is how you enter the validation information:

A grade of C or higher in the second semester validates a D or F earned in the
first semester
• Enter the valid grades earned with a consecutive row with the same
course title, and a grade of Pass for the first semester and select No
Grade for the second semester.

I would like to add that grade validation is only for Math and Foreign Language courses.

When I do that it doesn’t give me the full year it just gives me 0.5 year.

I took it in 11th grade and it doesn’t count it disappeared and it raised my GPA up?

If you took it 11th grade and you did not repeat the semester, the D is calculated into your CSU GPA however, the B validates your 1st semester.

Did you enter the D 1st semester than the B 2nd semester on the first row and then the next row enter in the same class with Pass for the 1st semester and No grade for 2nd semester?