How Does Yale Know We Applied Early

<p>I know this is a stupid question, but how does yale know we applied early action. Becuz in the Eli letter I got, it didn't indicate "we received you app for early action". Same with the confirmation email I received. It just said "we received your app for yale" and not "early action". The only places where I marked early action are on the commonapp and supplement. Did anyone else NOT receive confirmation that they applied early action? I'm just curious, I don't wanna check on the 15th and see that I don't have my decision because they think that I applied regular decision instead of early action.</p>

<p>because as you stated, it says on the common app and the supplement whether you are applying early or not.</p>

<p>Did you mark that you were applying early on your common app?</p>

<p>You were supposed to write Early Application on the envelope</p>

<p>if you did it online, under the common app it should indicate that you applied SCEA in your organizer thingy. trust me, they know.</p>