How does your school weight the classes?

<p>I know that colleges generally use their own "weight system" when looking at a student's GPA. However, out of curiosity, how do your school weight classes?</p>

<p>My school uses a 100-point system:
+ Normal classes are unweighted. (a 90 is a 90)
+ Honours classes are weighted 5% (a 90 becomes a 94.5)
+ AP classes are weighted 10% (a 90 becomes a 99)</p>

<p>My school uses the traditional weighted GPA system to rank its students.</p>

<p>5.0 is an A in a Honors/AP class
4.0 is a B in a Honors/AP class or an A in a regular class
3.0 is a C in a Honors/AP class or a B in a regular class
Then, the same pattern is continued for 2.0 to 0.</p>

<p>The weighted classes and regular classes are combined to form your overall GPA.</p>

<p>^ My school does the same thing.</p>

<p>Normal (non-college prep) classes are unweighted
College prep classes are weighted 5%
Honors classes are weighted 10%
AP classes are weighted 15%</p>

<p>My school has one honors class (geometry, only for freshman) and four aps (chem, gov., calc, and english) and doesn't weight gpas. so my two a-s in geometry and b+s in ap chem are the same as if i'd gotten them in regular classes. ****ed up, i know. But I'm taking all of them and physics my senior year just to be safe.</p>

<p>AP: 5.33 is A
Honors: 4.67 is A
Enriched (all honors for soph and frosh): 4.0 A
regular: 4.0 A</p>

<p>My school uses the number system.</p>

<p>Regents(NY) Classes are multiplied by 1.02 90---->91.8
Honors are multiplied by 1.03 90----->92.7
AP are multiplied by 1.05 90------->94.5</p>

<p>5.0 = honors or AP A
4.0 = honors/AP B or regular A
3.0 = honors/AP C or regular B
2.0 = regular C
1.0 = any D
0.0 = any F</p>

<p>no +/- used.</p>

<p>My school's system is insane:</p>

<p>95% + = A = 4.0 UW = 4.5 W in AP = 4.25 W in Honors
90%-94% = A- = 3.67 UW = 4.17 W in AP = 3.93 in Honors</p>

<p>The system continues downward w/ Bs, Cs, etc and +/-.</p>


<p>add .17 to honors/AP grade.</p>

<p>93-100 A
85-92 B
77-84 C
70-76 D
0-69 F</p>

<p>A+ - 4.0 in any class
A - 3.5 in any class
B+ - 3 in any class
B - 2.5 in any class

<p>And on tests/quizzes (the only time we see numbers):
95-100 - A+
90-94 - A
85-89 - B+
80-84 - B

<p>It's pretty harsh. That's how I have a 3.435 with:
World Lit H - B
Global History H - B+
Pre-Cal Research Honors - A
Physics B AP - A
Spanish 9H - A</p>

American Lit H - B
US Hist & Govt H - A+
Calculus BC AP - A
Physics C AP - A+
Natural Science Research Seminar - A+
Spanish 10H - A
Health - A+ </p>

<p>Senior (1st semester, not on transcript yet, but by convention):
Great Literature H - B+
Govt & Pol AP - A
Multivar Calculus - A+
Biology AP - A
Chemistry AP - A
Independent Science Research - A+
Spanish 11H - B+</p>

<p>Ours is easier on A's -
90-100 A (4)
80-90 B (3)
70-80 C (2)</p>

<p>honors are weighted an extra 0.5, AP's a full extra point, so an honors A is 4.5, AP A is a 5.0, honors B is 3.5, AP B is 4.0, etc</p>

<p>I think fully one third of the graduating class has a weighted 4.0 average!</p>