How early did you accept your offer to attend Sonoma State University????

Hey everyone! I accepted to attend Sonoma State University in late January for Fall 2016 and paid my housing deposit.
Did anyone else accept already?
Did I accept early enough to get my dorm room choice for a single room? I know they only have a certain number of single rooms. Do the single rooms go quickly? The dorms look amazing and they are rated among the top in the country. So excited to attend.

Hello, congrats on your acceptance. Are you a senior? When did you get accepted? I am curious because I applied to Sonoma State, and I have not heard of anything from them.

Hi yes I’m a Senior are you a Senior? I got my acceptance letter in Mid January. Did you tour the school yet? I highly suggest the campus tour they take your all around and explain a lot of good information. You can even see a dorm room. Are you going to live on campus? What is your major going to be?

Hi! I’m a current SSU student. I didn’t accept until decision day which from what I remember was pretty late in the year (March I believe,) and I still got a single room!! I wouldn’t stress too much; you were pretty early!

Update: Decision day was April, and I accepted the next day! I think you’re A-okay. A lot of people don’t get singles because it’s cheaper to have a double!

Thank you chanandlerbing! Are you living in a Sauvignon Village single room? Are you a sophomore or freshman? How did you like the setup? Is there room for me to bring a small mini fridge? Which themed living community are you in? I’m signing up for the Wellness theme community. I’m just waiting for the email for my housing contract so I can select the village and room type. They said beginning of March I should receive the email.