How early/late can you check into dorm?

<p>Does anyone know what time they will be opening the dorm check in process on Saturday Aug 21 and how late they will be open that day? thanks!</p>

<p>After the dorms open 9am Aug 18th, I think you can move in any hour, any day. I don't think your new roommate will like it though if you show up to move in at 3:00 in the morning though. Get there at a reasonable hour and you should be okay.</p>

<p>At 3:00 in the morning though it shouldn't be too crowded and you can get a hand truck or moving dolly easier!</p>

<p>Once the dorms open on Monday for rush and Wed for the general population, you can move in 24/7. The desk is always manned, an you can sign in and get your key at any time. We moved in in the evening on a Friday. It was way less crazy, cooler, and worked out fine. Sat early like 6am will not be as busy as 10-2. Then late afternoon is again less crazy. It will be busiest on Wed, Fri and Sat, esp Wed AM, Fri all day, and Sat AM.</p>