How easy are college "desk attendant" jobs?

I’ve heard that these jobs are easy and the best ones to get because from what it looks like, all they have to do is to make sure that students swipe in properly and provide assistance when necessary.

However, students working behind the desk are either studying, completing class-work, or just chilling out.

The jobs do carry a significant amount of responsibility in terms of building security. PLUS they are not exactly easy jobs to get because many students figure they can study while working. It’s possible between monitoring what you are supposed to be monitoring…but it’s still a job.

So at my daughter very small lac she worked a desk job and it was never really busy so it depends on the size of the college. She actually went down in her pajamas some times and just studied. She couldn’t believe she was getting paid to study in her pajamas… Lol… Ymmv…