How easy is it to change dorm rooms?

<p>Looks like my son has housing on Livingston from the LPO address on his My Rutgers page.
How easy is it to change dorm rooms and perhaps get to another campus, like Busch? He knows not to expect great things from dorm housing but apparently they stayed at the towers for summer orientation and they according to him were horrible. He nick named them the Projects. Any advice?</p>

<p>I wouldn't know much, but a lot of other schools have a "room swap" system where people advertise that they want to trade their room for another specific building. If Rutgers doesn't have that thing, your son could join the facebook group and write something down. You never know, someone out there might be willing to trade :)</p>

<p>When I went to orientation, I actually thought that the Lynton Towers weren't that bad. They looked a little outdated, but my room was pretty spacious and had a generously-sized closet. Maybe if the glitch isn't right, he'll get better housing. Good luck!</p>

<p>It's nickname the "projects" because unfortunately, the towers do resemble project buildings. =&lt;/p>

<p>I don't think it is really easy to switch campuses, though. You'd have to have a pretty convincing reason to tell housing to place him on another campus.</p>

<p>If he is lucky, he should search on one of the facebook groups for the Rutgers incoming class and ask if anyone is willing to trade a spot at the towers for housing on Busch.</p>

<p>See, when I found out about my housing before entering Rutgers as a freshman, I found out I was placed on College Avenue. Shockingly, I didn't really want to live there my first year. I saw that some kids were willing to trade spots. A girl asked about trading her spot on Busch for a dorm on College Avenue. I replied to her and we simply switched by filling out a campus room switch form online.</p>

<p>I think my situation was a bit easier -- afterall, it's College Avenue! A lot of kids would kill to get a dorm there (although, I personally didn't understand the hype when I lived on CA last year)</p>

<p>What facebook group should you join to switch?</p>

<p>I have the Quads on Livingston; no AC like the lucky ones on Busch >>
but I have a pre-set roomie, so I can't really switch that easily.</p>

<p>and yeah, the Lynton towers were inexplicably painful in 95° heat.</p>

<p>Jerseygirl5: Any Facebook group that pertains to Rutgers Class of 2014 or like "Accepted: Rutgers Class of 2014". Once people get their official assignments, you'll start to see them asking about switching campuses.</p>

<p>Thanks MushaboomBlue! I knew I could count on you for an answer.</p>