How Easy Is It To Get Into Columbia?

<p>Will #1 in class, 1550+ SAT, and about 3 leadership positions in school be average or above average for Collumbia? Will this be enough? I've been looking around and it seems like it is easy to get into Columbia.</p>

<p>No, it's not that easy as it seems 11% acceptance, 10% for harvard and yale, 13% for princeton9 taken from this year). It is very selective but seems to accept a different type of student. The schools prides itself in having intelligent, diverse, eclectic students. It is just as selective, but they are the type of schools that values an eclelectic, worldy student with a 3.75 GPA over a 4.0 1600 that is the stereotypical smartie pants.
You're grades are great and Sats as well. You are a good candidate academically, make sure you have a great essay that shows off your personality and great ec's. Good luck hope you make it. The only reason I know this stuff is because it's my dream school. I wish my grandpa's attendance counted as legacy, man.</p>

<p>every ivy looks for something different, with some it's just a number game/good ec's, but with brown and columbia in particular, they are looking for a particular student, so i cannot say without reading your essays, knowing your passions. It's (one of) my dream school too jeklhyde, and good scores just won't cut it</p>

<p>Another thing ppl overlook bout Columbia is they admit disproportionate no of of in-states esp from Long Island. That leaves very few seats for the rest of the world, on top of a smallest freshman class. I think their freshman class is 3rd smallest aft Princeton and Dart.</p>

<p>Everyone misquotes Columbia's Acceptance Rate bc they get it off of sources like princeton review or us news. The actual acceptance rate for last year regular decision at Columbia was 8 percent.</p>