How easy is it to transfer to Duquesne?

I’m currently a sophomore at the University of Alabama and absolutely hate it. I’m seriously considering applying to transfer into Duquesne University’s speech-language pathology program. I had a 2.8 GPA and managed to bring it up to a 3.1 so I meet the transfer requirements; however, I do have all A’s in my major classes. Is it worth applying my junior year? is it hard to transfer into Duquesne as an external student? thank you so so much for any feedback.

I don’t know specifically about transferring; but when my kid was a HS senior with stats a bit below the median, Duquesne Admissions seems like it assessed his application looking for his strengths, rather than what was lacking.

He did have an in-person interview when we visited; might that be possible for you? I’d definitely give it a try.