How eligible am I for the UCs?

Heyy, I’m currently a junior in high school and I’m wondering what college scope I should aim for. At the moment I have my sights set on the mid UC’s, specifically San Diego and Irvine. How would this CURRENT profile fare against other applicants? Also, assuming I keep up my current grades, how should I build my ECs?
The field I’m looking to get into is Secondary education in math at the moment.

-Sophmore: AP’s/honors: APWH, Alg2 hon ; 3 on wh exam
GPA: 3.9 unweighted, 4.1 weighted
Assuming in my Junior year I get 2 B’s, my UC GPA will be 4.23 for my sophmore and junior years.

-Junior: AP’s/honors: APCS, APUSH, APCHEM, Precalc hon
-ECs: library organizer once every week, elementary mentor twice a week, taught a summer elementary math class
-plans for future ECs: math tutor at school, forming a club, officer of 1 or 2 clubs (if i get the positions)
-Predicted SAT score: 1900-2000 (taking it in a week)
predicted scores on the sections: 590 CR, 690 Math, 700 Writing
-Have one teacher I can count on for a rec letter
-Class rank: 112/454
-no work experience or awards at the moment

-Planned Senior classes: English, AP physics C, government, AP stats, AP Calc AB, AP Euro

-In addition, recommendations for some good universities out of California would be great.

Thanks for reading!

Nobody has ever been admitted to any college on the basis of “assumed” or “predicted” grades and test scores. Your Junior grades will be absolutely critical, and so nobody can chance you in any meaningful way until you know your ACTUAL grades at the end of the year. So far, you appear to be on track for Irvine in terms of your weighted GPA, with UCSD more of a reach (albeit a plausible one). Good luck!

Agree with ^^^ above poster. Chancing someone with predicted scores/GPA is impossible. You are on the right track so continue doing your best. Repost at the end of Junior year with your actual stats.

Also, UCSD is becoming a mid/high UC, as it’s getting increasingly competitive to get into.

You need to set your predicted gool for SAT more that 100 points higher!

Lots of possibilities. You are clearly on a good path but, there’s a LOT of work to be done before you fill our your college aps. Come back as you wrap up your Jr year with concrete stats and ask us then.

Enjoy Jr year.

Good luck