How ethnic friendly is Uark?

I plan on applying to Arkansas as a back up schoo. A friend who is from Arkansas (we live in Texas) who is also black advised that if I do choose to attend the university, to pretty much stay in Fayetteville bc other parts aren’t very safe for people of color. Exactly how diverse is the school?? I’d hate to be a spot walking around campus lol

@reginaphalange NW Arkansas is in fact the most republican and racist region of Arkansas. Most blacks in Arkansas live in the Delta (SE). But if you spend most of your time on campus and only attend known “inclusive” events … you won’t have to deal with their stupidity and ignorance too much. I would only go to Arkansas if they’re offering good scholarships, if not I would find more inclusive and black friendly universities.

U of Ark is not even a well respected university outside of Arkansas so I don’t think it’s worth it unless you’re passionate about the university or attending on scholarship. And keep mind, less than 5% of U of Ark is black and it’s just not very diverse in color and in thought … most are lame redneckish country music loving straight Republicans that hate anything they don’t naturally understand.

NuScholar- judging by your extreme opinion one can only assume that 1) either you weren’t accepted or 2) you are actually the racist and you are discouraging people of color from attending UArk.
We have toured the campus several times and although it is true (I️ looked it up) that Black students are a minority, we encountered several. Perhaps, because we we were spending time in the athlete areas (dorms, cafe, etc). I️ know that a few were Olympians and likely had a wide variety of Universities to choose from.
I️ suggest everyone tour any school they are interested in and if possible talk to students while you are there.

I just visited the University a couple days ago and there was diversity. Sure, it’s not the most diverse school but that doesn’t mean they’re racist. In fact, I talked to an African American student whose a mechanical engineering major at the university and he said he enjoys it. Also the head of the honors program is African American. NorthWest Arkansas is actually one of the most progressive areas in the state due to large corporations such as Walmart bringing a very diverse mix of people into the area. If you’re African American you should be respected at the University of Arkansas. Just don’t travel to places like Harrison, which are renoundly racist, but it’s far away enough to completely avoid it.