How exactly should I do this?

<p>This is for the Stanford Online App:</p>

<p>So I'm retaking the SAT I in October and taking 2-3 SAT II's in November (including one retake). Should I even mention SAT and SAT II scores on the Form 1 on the Online Application and just check "I will be taking..." and then send scores? I figure that that way they will just add my hopefully improved scores and no mess up will occur. I really want to move on to Form 2 so....</p>

<p>I posted this in the Stanford Forum but its so dead...</p>

<p>When the College Board sends your SAT scores to a college, they send all the scores from all the tests you've taken. If you've already taken SATs and SAT IIs, Stanford will get those scores when they get the scores from your retakes. Consequently, it does you no good to hide or not mention the original scores. Put the old scores down and indicate you are retaking.</p>