How Extracurriculars Affect Law School Admissions

"ALL EXTRACURRICULAR activities are important because they show a commitment to a community or discipline beyond yourself, whether that means volunteering for a political campaign, joining an intramural ultimate Frisbee team or practicing a demanding art.

However, some extracurricular activities stand out more than others on a law school application:

  • Activities that develop legal skills
  • Service activities
  • Substantial time commitments
  • Activities that show leadership and teamwork

Activities That Develop Legal Skills

Mock trial, public speaking, political activism or assisting with research for a professor working in a law-related field are examples of extracurricular activities that law school applicants should highlight. Such activities are not prerequisites for law school, and plenty of successful lawyers did not show a legal interest until after college. Still, students whose resumes and personal statements demonstrate interests related to law have an easier time making the case for their commitment to the legal field." …

This article lost credibility when I read the assertion that:

“But law school is more than a simple numbers game.”

Elite law school admissions is all about numbers–LSAT scores & cumulative undergraduate GPAs. And URM status.

Among the 203 ABA accredited law schools, many will take your tuition dollars regardless of one’s numbers. But among the most elite law schools, it really is all about the numbers.