How far apart should you set your classes in college?

<p>Currently, my schedule will be like this:</p>

<p>Mon. & Wed. :
Classes Beginning at : 9:00 am
Classes Ending at: 12:50 pm
(3 Classes)</p>

<p>Tues. & Thurs. :
Classes Beginning at: 11:00 am
Classes Ending at: 1:45 pm
(2 Classes)</p>

Classes Beginning at: 10:00 am
Classes Ending at: 12:50 pm
(2 Classes)</p>

<p>Only prob. I have is like one class ends at 9:50 the other one starts at 10. That only gives me 10 mins. in between... This would be my first yr. so I'm probably going to get lost on campus which means late to my classes and what if I get hungry in between? I wouldn'tt have time to stop off and get a snack. So I was wondering whats a good amount of time to have between classes ... 10 mins? 30? an hour? Let me know your opinion.</p>

<p>Also is it a good idea to take math and reading the same day?</p>

<p>How big is your campus? I'd say that's the biggest issue - if you have class back-to-back at opposite ends of campus, can you comfortably get to the 2nd class on time? Don't worry about getting lost... lots of people get lost in the first few days, and you won't be lost forever (rather, you'll be lost for one day, and then you'll know where to go!). However, do look at WHERE the classes are that you have back-to-back relative to the size of the campus.</p>

<p>If you think, knowing yourself, that you'll want time for a snack in between, you could either change your schedule (if you think it would be an issue) or just put a snack in your backpack and eat it on the way. That's your choice.</p>

<p>Personally, if the campus was small enough that you could make it, I'd leave the schedule, just because I'd love to a) have a super compact schedule like that and b) be done by 1:45 at the latest every day!</p>

<p>re: taking math and reading in the same day, I don't see why that matters. Any particular reason you think that would be bad?</p>

<p>My first semester my classes were a bit spaced. They started at eight and stretched out to either 3:00 or 6:45. It was awful. The second semester I packed them back to back, and I liked that. If they're back to back, you're done when you're done. And I didn't have time to think about skipping the class. </p>

<p>You'll only be lost in the beginning. After that, once you learn the campus, you probably won't have problems. If your campus is huge then just keep that in mind. If I get hungry I'll eat on the way. I usually carried a cereal bar and I would eat some of it between classes.</p>

<p>I have huge gaps in my schedule (1 1/2 to 3 hours)...Well, at the time being. I don't have my English yet, so I might have 2 classes back to back with a 10 minute break, but my campus is small and it's easy to walk across the entire thing in 10-15 minutes, and the academic buildings are all pretty much within 5 minutes of each other.</p>

<p>back to back as early as possible. I have a huge campus and try to never have breaks (although there's 10 minutes b/t classes).</p>

<p>although in 4th year I don't have that luxury. they're all late morning/early afternoon with some breaks.</p>

<p>The only issue I can imagine is if 1 class was on one part of the campus and you needed a bus to a different part of the campus.</p>

<p>Otherwise 10 minutes should be okay. I've had a class on the opposite end of the campus and walked extremely quickly there and was usually safe by 30 seconds. It was annoying and tiring but doable. I wouldn't work my schedule to make my in between breaks longer.</p>

<p>As for snacks, just put something in your bag. You should be able to eat/drink in most classes.</p>

<p>I hate having classes with big gaps in the middle.</p>

<p>Why is there constantly a schedule thread on CC? It's not that serious. There is no "should," it's whatever works for you.</p>

<p>Just take the damn class.</p>

<p>It depends on what you want to do. Some people like clumping their classes together to get them out of the way, while others spread them out over the course of the day.</p>

<p>if you schedule your classes back to back, then you don't eat between them.</p>