How far does a 1600 take you?

<p>Assuming decent stats in other areas, will all schools out of the top 50 accept you 99% of the time? does it go farther?</p>

<p>Talking to admissions officers, a 1600 is really looked at the same as a 1500 and above, or so. They say that they realize the test varies quite a bit on different days, and anything above that is given high points in the SAT category.</p>

<p>Haahahaha that is so silly. A 1600 will get you in to every school. No with a 1600 you will not get into every school. You may be rejected because the school thinks you are using them as a safety or if its Harvard or some other school that gets numerous 1600's every year they'll take the athlete with a 1500 or the next hailed mozart piano player with a 1450 over a 1600 MANY times. Yep, that is how it works. </p>

<p>What a 1600 will get you is a second look. However, that second look often times at the most elite universities in the country such as HYPS is nothing more then an attention getter that does not mean acceptance in any way shape or form.</p>

<p>im sorry if i missled you, its just of course a stupid test wont do it all. I'm just saying, apart from the top tier or so schools, most get in? im sure most perfects actually dont get into the ivies they apply to...</p>

<p>Hwy, I'd be really happy with a 1600. I think pretty great shot at all but the top 10.</p>

<p>I visited Stanford this past August and two admissions officers were bragging how they frequently turn away applicants with 1600s (as well as valadictorians and those with 4.4GPA)</p>