How far would a person go in life if they have passed these courses?

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Where could be a person be in life if they have passed certain courses such as?

Physics - Mechanics & Wave Motion, Electricity & Magnetism, Heat light & Modern Physics

Calculus 1,2,3

Linear Algebra & Differential Equation

General Chemistry 1 & 2

Organic Chemistry 1 & 2

What type of career would a person be able to get?


In your other threads you talked about becoming a dental hygienist. Is that still the plan?

I’m just curious what path a person would end in.

Yes, I’m still up for that plan. But in the new thread, I did not mention myself.
Just curious

Those are some of the intro and math courses for chemical engineering.

How are they intro?

One example is
Physics 1 can transfer to university physics so a person won’t have to take it when they pursue a bachelor’s degree.

Intro in the sense that they are the general courses taken freshman and sophomore year. Not the engineering specific courses which would have been intermixed.

Not really sure where your going with this but mostly beginning course for stem type of jobs. You still need to get a degree right. If your thinking of changing your life goals I would sit down now with a school advisor and create a path forward. I would NOT worry if you took a few extra courses that wouldn’t apply. They can most likely be used as electives. IE if your thinking of going into engineering and not chemical you might have an extra course… Again, talk with an advisor.

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It sounds like you’re still shopping for options. You haven’t taken any of these courses (except maybe calc 1), right? If your plan is to pursue another degree after you finish your dental hygienist degree you have time to figure it out. But don’t take any extra courses until you’ve completed the requirements for your current degree. If you use up all your Pell before you finish you’ll have to pay out-of-pocket.

I think that the courses you listed are the intro courses (first ~2 years) of several STEM bachelor’s degrees, but the fields that are available to students who take them will depend on what other courses they take and what they major in. Physics, engineering, and computer science require some combination of them, but I don’t think those courses on their own will advance someone’s career. Instead of asking what career requires those courses a better idea would be to read college catalogs and find a field that interests you and then create a course plan with your advisor so you can complete it.

I have taken Calculus 1 just for fun since the other courses were very boring and was required to take art, music and I also added pre-calc to spice things up.

But currently still have my mind on the dental hygiene plan.

If not mentioning yourself in the thread, then this person would benefit greatly from talking to a school advisor.