How fast are scores sent (ACT and SAT)?

<p>So I kind of slacked and forgot to send my official score reports to my ED school (11/15 deadline) until the night of the deadline. I paid and sent both at about 11 that night, and crossed my fingers that it would work out.</p>

<p>Neither score has been received by the school according to the online tracking thing.</p>

<p>College board says the scores were sent to the college 11/19. ACT does not say as far as I can see. Should I be worried? How are these scores sent?</p>

<p>Help, I'm freaking out. The school sent me an email last week saying this:</p>

<p>"* If you have taken a test in early November, we hope to receive those results soon. We will contact you again if they are not received by the end of next week.
* If you have taken a test earlier this fall or in a previous year, have already requested for scores to be sent, and they are not appearing on our online tracking system, please follow up with the College Board or A.C.T. to ensure that your results have been sent to us "</p>

<p>The scores I sent were all from October or before. No November tests.</p>

<p>What should I do?</p>

<p>The only thing you can do is verify with testing agencies that they have been sent and when. Via electronic delivery, it is likely school already has them but has not yet matched them with your file (which can take several days after receipt when they are receiving thousands of scores).</p>

<p>You also should make sure that your identifying information is the same at all places. Did you use the same email address? Is your middle initial included? Etc.</p>