How fast can YOU type?

<p>I just typed at 69 words per minute with only 1 error. Now, I want to see where that compares with everybody else here.</p>

<p>Just try it and then post your score after your first try:
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<p>94 words per minute with 1 error.</p>

<p>86 words per minute, no errors :D</p>

<p>OMFG, I got the beginning of Vanity Fair!</p>

<p>62 wpm... slow...</p>

<p>I got a passage from the Return of the King.</p>

<p>Got Vanity Fair as well...</p>

<p>103 WPM and 1 error. At my prime I could do 150 words per minute (and do when I'm typing my own thoughts, not some stupid Forster passage). That's what six straight years of mandatory typing class at my school does to ya.</p>

<p>48 wpm with 1 error...gosh, I'm embarassed! And I just took a keyboarding class last semester!!</p>

<p>122 with 1 error, then 117 with 0 errors (am I procrastinating? Oh, yes :)) Second hemingwayisdead on the merits of mandatory typing class!</p>

<p>81 wpm. 1 error.</p>

<p>Ouch, 54 wpm and 6 errors. I sux. I'm totally making the switch to speech to text software...</p>

<p>-The Switching Coot66</p>

<p>73...1 error...I used to be able to do 100+ during typing class..oh well</p>

<p>142 WPM 2 errors</p>

<p>56 no error.</p>

<p>85 WPM, 0 errors</p>

<p>96 wpm, 4 errors.</p>

<p>1337 WPM, 0 errors. :cool:</p>

<p>Hmmm, this keyboard is awful and adds errors so perhaps I should try it on both my keyboards (the other dusty, better performing one too :P) and see...</p>

<p>Chaos... seriously...</p>

<p>lol..its copy and paste :D and deleting the commas.</p>