How fast do dorms fill up/Best suite-style dorms?


<p>So I just submitted by deposit to attend USF this fall (my indecisiveness is a major problem...), and have yet to submit a housing application. I've heard that most people had submitted their apps in Jan/Feb, and room assignments are sent out mid May/early July. I was hoping to get into the Poplar dorm, but with my being so late in the game, I'm afraid it'll fill up too fast. Does anyone know how late is too late to get into Poplar? If I'm unable to get into Poplar, what are the best suite-style dorms on campus?</p>

<p>Thank you!</p>

<p>My son has submitted the housing application on May 16 and just got a room assigned. Check your housing status you might get one too. </p>

<p>Sorry, on April 16.</p>