How feasible is a 3.8+ GPA for a prospective premed Public Health major?

So I’ve been admitted to TCNJ for the fall semester as a Public Health major. My goal is to get into a solid med school, and apply in the summer following my junior year. (Really would prefer to not take any gap years for personal reasons.)

My only concerns right now regarding TCNJ are how difficult it will be to sign up for Pre-Med classes as a non-bio major, and how much possible the prospect of achieving a 3.8+ GPA is. If anyone can elaborate on these, that’d be great!

My daughter did pre-med as a psychology student. But she planned to take a gap year.

  1. If you enroll, then as soon as you are given the opportunity to sign up for freshman classes, do so. The bio and chem will fill up if you wait.

  2. It seems like they keep the fall instance of a course open to all majors, but the spring instance is prioritized for Bio majors only.

3)To get done by junior year, you will have to take a year of BIo, Chem, O Chem, Physics, Calc/Stats, writing at a minimum. Take a look at the sociology premed curriculum as an example on how to fit it all in (i imagine public health would be similar)

  1. How to keep a 3.8? That is up to you. Would suggest taking advantage of all the resources TCNJ has: Tutors, study groups, Professor office hours, etc.

  2. Where will you volunteer? How would you get there? If you don’t have a car, there is a car share program you can use.

My son has been accepted to TCNJ honor’s and Hamilton college. He will try to do pre med as well any opinions?

Since he got merit scholarship at TCNJ and we are not qualified need based aide from Hamilton, the price difference is like 50 k per year.

TCNJ has a strong reputation and is a great school from all I have seen/heard from grads. My daughter also thought about Hamilton. $280,000 (At least) for an undergrad degree just doesn’t make sense if med school is the goal, IMO. I think there will be PLENTY of opportunities for an ambitious student at TCNJ

It appears that at Hamilton a 3.5+ GPA may prove sufficient for typical medical school aspirants: