How Feasible is a Double Major?

<p>I have been looking into requirements for physics and political science majors and day dreaming about somehow completing the requirements for both in four years. The mock schedule provided for a physics major leaves little room for other classes, and I'm wondering if anyone can tell me whether this is something worth pursuing, or if it just isn't a good idea. Has anyone here/is anyone here majoring in one of these fields, and if so, can you tell me if this sounds possible? Thanks!</p>

<p>In ArtSci, double majors are ridiculously easy. I know a handful of physics majors who are double majoring, though none with polisci.</p>

<p>A physics major needs < 60 credits including prereqs (math, science breadth).
A polisci major needs 30. </p>

<p>That still leaves 30 credits to get you to 120, so there’s plenty of room. It’s why several people even triple major (most majors, excluding things like languages, chem, physics, and engineering, only require 30 credits total, prereqs included).</p>