How $$ for Designing a Flier?

<p>Let's say you have <em>some</em> experience (two years) as a computer graphics designer. </p>

<p>If you were to design a flier (front and back) for a small institute (like a restaurant or an after-school), how much is the regular pay?</p>

<p>Must know this. Thanks!</p>

<p>Honestly, if you have 2-years experience as a designer, why would you be asking this question? How legit is your experience. Do you mean you've muddled around, or have you actually produced professional jobs.</p>

<p>I would ask the client if they have a budget, and then I would endeavor to make a proposal based upon their capitol resources, and provide them with options. Also, what is the scope of the job, are you simply laying out text, creating illustrations, printing, etc?</p>

<p>So, there's never one answer, and like I said, if you are asking that question here, I have my doubts about the quality of your experience.</p>

<p>My best guess is $30 for the design time.</p>

<p>the thing is that so far i have only worked for my parents, who have an education center. and this explains why i don't know about the rates: THEY DON'T PAY ME.
but i have designed the center's newsletters, business cards, mtns of fliers, DVD cover, and more. they are quite good (better than the ones from other education centers, anyway). as for what I do: start from scratch. they will provide me with the message they want to communicate, but the illustrations, text, and everything else will be up to me.</p>

<p>If you are confident and have a good rep about your graphic work, I would charge a flat fee between $35 - $150 depending on the scope of the job. The low end fee is for simple typesetting and no changes. If you spend too much time on a job, like using photoshop and scanning photos, a higher fee should be considered.</p>

<p>a) off topic to the entire website
b) $35 is waaaay too low for a flyer, unless it takes you 20 minutes. If it takes you 20 minutes, it probably isn't very good.
c) I always charge hourly for small scale design work, and give a very honest estimate of how many hours it will take me up front.</p>

<p>$35 is for basic design (little typesetting and no graphics) for under 30 minutes. If the design is more intense, I would suggest a higher rate like $65/hr. </p>

<p>By the way, I have over 20 years of graphic design experience with a BA in graphic design. My rates depend on the client's needs and how much design work they can afford. I usually charge $65/hr - $150/hr.</p>

<p>^wow 20 years of graphic design! im a junior in HS and im planning to study and major in graphic designing. Which undergrad school did you attend? And right after you graduated did you find a job easily? If you did how much did they pay you? Did any big name companies hire you?</p>

<p>(sorry for asking so many questions! im just real interested in this field and can't wait till I take it in college. =D)</p>

<p>Hi true_layce. I would be happy to answer your questions.</p>

<p><which undergrad="" school="" did="" you="" attend?="">
Actually I attended 2 colleges in Mississippi: Univ. of Southern Miss (Hattiesburg, MS) and Jackson State Univ. (Jackson, MS). I got my BA at JSU. Prior to going to college, my mom was a self-taught graphic designer and artist who I studied the craft from and I did alotta graphic related stuff in High School. I started in the field BEFORE computers!! Rubber cement, Letraset letter sheets, PMT machines, spray mount, light tables, drawing your own graphics...pre-historic stuff!! Then I got into computers which made my life sooooo much easier!</which></p>

<p>Make sure you apply yourself whatever school you go too. Also, a school's reputation in the corporate communty (where the school is located) is important. A faculty's connection to the corporate world is gold. Make sure the school has a great career counseling and job placement dept. I wish I had that luxury back then.</p>

<p><and right="" after="" you="" graduated="" did="" find="" a="" job="" easily?="">
I never had a problem finding work after school. You have to constantly network all the time. Somebody knows somebody that need some design work. If you do a great job, you achieve good reputation and your work is a reflection of you. Build your portfolio. Always practice, practice, practice your craft. You will get better and faster in speed if put in time and effort. Graphic design is forever evolving and changing field. It was easier to find work back in the day. Now the field is over-saturated with inexperienced designers who only have a 1 year certificate, AA degree or even worse...a trained secretary or public relations person with no design experience or degree forced to become the company's "graphic designer" because of downsizing.</and></p>

<p><if you="" did="" how="" much="" they="" pay="" you?="" any="" big="" name="" companies="" hire="">
I started with the Bellsouth's Real Yellow Page directory making $15000/yr in late 80s. Then I worked with a Miss. based software development firm creating graphics and animations making around $21K. Later I ended up working for Chicago-based agency (family owned) and ended up making 55K. I telecommute from an office in Miss. I've created work for clients including McDonalds, Wrigleys Gum, Quaker Oats, WGN, UNCF, Discovery Channel, CBS, TV One, RR Donnelley, City of Chicago, ExxonMobil, etc. Since 9-11, tech bubble and the outsourcing boom, I have been having a hard finding a job in my field outside of Miss. Design jobs in Miss. are very scarce. My job search outside of the state has been difficult. Most firms prefer the talent pool to be locally grown. No relocation. </if></p>

<p>As for me, I love graphic design but I want to pursue my creativity in 3D design and animation. </p>

<p>Good luck on your endeavors. I hope it works out for you.</p>


<p>I have to say it is really nice of you to be so forthright. Reminds me of a lecture I heard in Memphis (not too far from MS) by an artist named Philip Pearlstein.... </p>

<p>He also did graphic work before computers. I couldn't imagine that myself!!</p>

<p>thank you for your replies. :)</p>

<p>Instead of hourly rates, what if they were to pay me by $$ per a perfected flier? I use photoshop & do sillouettes and everything, and say they were to provide me with only the texts they want to put in.</p>

<p>Thank you.</p>

<p>// $35 is waaaay too low for a flyer, unless it takes you 20 minutes. If it takes you 20 minutes, it probably isn't very good.//</p>

<p>Yes, this is my mental image. I may be wrong, but I picture someone who has learned to use a few graphic applications and calls him/herself a designer. Perhaps I am an old fart, but doesn't "PrEpKiD" tell you something? The question does not come from a professional, or even a design student.</p>

<p>Photoshop is not design. InDesign is not design. These are tools of design, just like rubber cement and press-type. They are not design. Go to college, study design (not software) and communications theories - for example semiotics - and then you can charge $60 to $150/hour. </p>

<p>The pushing of buttons on a computer is not equal design. The computer is a tool. I have a hammer and a saw in my house. I can use both, but I am not a carpenter, nor a furniture desiger.</p>

Perhaps I am an old fart, but doesn't "PrEpKiD" tell you something? The question does not come from a professional, or even a design student.


<p>you are right. but i just had a small question. and i mentioned the use of photoshop because:</p>

If you spend too much time on a job, like using photoshop and scanning photos, a higher fee should be considered.