How "Friendly" is RIT's ED policy?

RIT says it has a “friendly” ED policy. My son is interested in applying for Fall 2022, and we would be able to make it work if we got a certain amount of merit aid. But if we got <$10K, it becomes too expensive (even if our FAFSA might suggest we could cough it up). So I wouldn’t want to get locked into our son going there if we get a lousy merit offer.

I’ve looked at the RIT website and listened to a session from an RIT admissions counselor, and it’s really confusing. If we applied ED and felt it was inadequate merit $, would they be willing to let us back out? Has anyone actually done that?

i’m not sure about rit but the general rule of thumb is that if you are looking for merit, you are not supposed to apply ed. of course you could reach out to a rit counselor and see what they say.

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@Byglander the answer is YES! We are a current family at RIT and that was the only way my daughter applied ED. After speaking to the school, we knew they meant it. So we happily applied ED. She got it but then we had to wait for the FA package. RIT is known for being generous with FA. Good luck. My middle child will also be applying for fall ‘22. My current RIT daughter is a junior and has loved every minute there. Btw RIT has tons of scholarships that your child will automatically be considered for and their need based aid is awesome. Between the fasfa and potential scholarships, the school may be a lot more affordable than most.