How generous is USC's finnicial aid program?

<p>I live with my mom and grandma therefore I have no EFC my mom makes less than 5,000 dollars a year. How much will USC cover?</p>

<p>USC’s financial aid program is one of the most generous in the country.</p>

<p>If you are admitted, and what you say is true, then the total cost of your attendance would be covered by some form of financial aid. I’m not sure what the total costs are these days, but assuming a $0 EFC for a top caliber student, I guess it breaks down to something like:</p>

<p>77% University Grants
8% Federal Work Study
10% Federal subsidized loans
5% Unsubsidized loans</p>

<p>As one of my professions told me 6 years ago, “USC is one of the greatest wealth redistribution scams on the planet.”</p>

<p>DO NOT turn down the opportunity because you think you will not be able to afford it. You CAN.</p>

<p>My EFC was around $1000 I think and they completely covered my tuition with a University Grant, and my housing was covered by Federal Grants (Pell, etc). They also gave me loans that I didn’t really need so I ended up getting a refund on those. They were incredibly generous.</p>