How Good are my EC's for a Junior?

<p>Just in general, I'm wondering how my EC's stack up</p>

Math Club 3 years +1 senior year
NHS 2 years +1 senior year
CSF 2 years +1 senior year
High school orchestra, 2nd violin 2 years, 1st violin 1 year +1 senior year
Frisbee club/team 1 year (this year)
Badminton team 2 years +1 senior year</p>

<p>Out of school
TLT (selective leadership program for juniors about community vocations and leadership) 1 year
Tang Soo Do Karate- trained 11 years, black belt for 3 years, teach class weekly with 100+ hrs
Member of Karate studio's Demonstration Team 5+ years, which performs at local venues, festivals and tournaments.
Dog Walker at local shelter 2 years 30+ hrs</p>

NaNoWriMo- participated 2009
Script Frenzy won 2010, 2011
Tang Soo Do Karate: participated in over a dozen multi-state and international championships, in which I have won over 20 medals and trophies. </p>

<p>There may be more, in which case I'll add them.</p>


<p>Your karate is impressive. A little "thin" in other areas. The answer to your "How good are my ECs" really depends on how selective the schools are that you are applying to. Karate is the only thing that stands out and, depending on your stats, it may be enough and then again it may not......</p>

<p>If you love your ECs then they are great! Colleges would rather see that you have a real interest in a few clubs than be a little part of every single club! Mostly because they want leaders on a college campus who will love what they are doing and will make a difference within that club! Some people think that you need to do everything with perfect grades and SATs to get into a top school, but it isn't like that at all! Good luck and work hard this year!</p>

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<p>awesome, thanks!</p>

<p>generic EC's, alright I guess.</p>