How good are these resources to study for the SAT?

<p>I have and have used some of:</p>

<p>-The Rocket Review Revolution (red book)
-Dr. Chung's Math (green book)
-Collegeboard Big, Blue Book (2nd Edition)
-Princeton Review PSAT (not used yet-2012)
-Collegeboard 10 Real SAT's (big red book-3rd edition that says ''for all tests through January 2005-$5 from my school)
-Kaplan online PSAT program (free from my school)</p>


These sources are pretty good, but it is not about buying many books;however, it is about pinpointing your weaknesses and working hard to eliminate them.</p>

<p>Example: I am good at math so I got Barrons only and I reviewed their math section, but I (SUCK SUCK SUCK) in grammar so I got THREE grammar books(including barrons) and started reading them.Guess what, in 1 week I improved a LOT. </p>

<p>Summary:You must get books ONLY for the sections you are weak on and not ALL the sections.Also, you MUST get a book which revises ALL the topics on the SAT( a general book for you to revise everything before the exam).</p>

<p>Tip: When you finish a practice test, find out your mistakes and try to correct them because this way you will revise the topics and will consolidate the knowledge you have. If you are stuck on a question, post it on CC,and I will be the FIRST one to help you(HOPE SO). </p>


<p>BTW your school seems generous to give you the KAPLAN online program.</p>

<p>Ok thanks. I just got a lot of books because I like having practice tests in my face, on paper, instead of online, especially for Critical Reading. And because yea, my school offers resources. I got some PSAT-specific stuff, due to the fact that the PSAT tests easier math concepts than does the SAT. I want to see my score differences (PSAT VS. SAT) for October.</p>

<p>^ LOL. I like (paper) more than (online) too.
Anyway, good luck.... Do your best.
BTW whats your score on CR ?
I am trying to improve my CR section score. Do you have any useful tips ?</p>

<p>Oh please don't rely on me for Critical Reading. My most recent score is a 570. I mean, I follow all the tips and stuff, but my reading ability has never been too good. I'm more of a mathematical person, but I also do well on the writing section. </p>

<p>Reading Tips</p>

<p>-Vocabulary/Sentence Completion=Direct Hits List. I will be more than happy to share my PDF file with you, if you have an email address I can send the file to.
-Passages-Glance at the questions first, go to the passage, do the questions as you read the passage so the material stays fresh in your mind</p>

<p>My most recent math and writing scores=66 (math; PSAT), 67 (writing;PSAT)</p>

<p>^I will PM you my email address. I'd be grateful if you send me the list and any other useful resources for the SAT.</p>