How good/bad is the Dance Program at Columbia College Chicago?

<p>I'm looking for some info. on the dance program at Columbia College Chicago. My D was accepted there(I know most are). So far she hasn't gotten into any BFA audition programs so we are trying to figure out plan B. She got accepted into most schools she applied to academically, but didn't get into their dance programs. Quick background on her training, she went to a school since she was 3 1/2 and took ballet, tap, jazz, modern/contemporary, and acro. She got more serious about dance in her sophmore year, but continued to go to the same school. We didn't know it was so competitive. We figured as long as she's taking classes 5 days a week, it should be no problem. Well this past year, she decided to take a class at a studio about 40 minutes away. She was blown away by how good they were. She enrolled there in August 2013, and is now in their ballet company also. Her teacher told her when she came she would have alot of work to do. My D has come a long way since then. Her new teacher wrote her an amazing recommendation letter for colleges and D auditioned for several schools. She received a "No" at every one. So now we are trying to figure out what the plan will be for fall. Does she want to go to a school that rejected her for dance and just take "basic" classes and declare a minor in dance or should we go and visit Chicago. She definitely will continue her training and try again next year. We've spent thousands of dollars going on all these auditions, and have gotten nowhere. Many of the schools won't even let someone enroll in the BA Dance based on the audition. Any info. on the dance program in Chicago would be helpful. Thanks.</p>

<p>She should definitely call up the Columbia Dance Department and ask her questions directly to full-time faculty. The academic coordinator could get her started. </p>